Residential, Commercial & Industrial Indoor Air Quality Assessments, Testing and Recommendations

Mold Assessment, Testing and Reporting

Mold / Moisture Assessment, Testing & Reporting

Visual Assessment - WES performs an extensive visual assessment of all aspects of the interior and exterior of the property to detect moisture intrusions and construction defects from plumbing, windows, doors, attics, sub areas, drainage, and roofs that can lead to mold.  Visual assessments take about two hours depending on the scope of the project. 

Thermal imaging Leak Detection – WES utilized thermal imaging to identify potential water intrusions from slabs, decks, landscape drainage, plumbing and roof leaks.

Mold Testing - is conducted with state of the art sampling equipment to collect air samples, direct tape or swab samples, dust samples and/or wall cavity air samples in suspect areas. The samples are sent overnight to a third party certified laboratory that provides the quantity and type of mold present in the samples. The number of samples collected varies based on identification of suspect areas during the visual observation portion of the assessment and is limited to those necessary to provide sound recommendations.

Reporting - When the laboratory results are received, the data is analyzed and interpreted in a report issued to the client containing visual observations with pictures, data interpretation, conclusions and recommendations and a mold remediation protocol plan.

Mold (Removal) Remediation – WES recommends mold remediation contractors based on the scope of the work in the mold remediation protocol plan. 

Mold Clearance Testing - Following mold removal, WES recommends post remediation clearance testing of the subject areas to insure the report recommendations for mold removal were carefully followed by a third party mold remediation company and for property disclosure purposes.